The Circle's studies

The Cercle de l’Epargne regularly publishes studies on savings and pensions.

June 2019 version pdf

Self-employed: diversity of retirement profiles and expectations […]

May 2019 version pdf

Retirement reform and its status […]

April 2019 version pdf

Retirement ages and their necessary evolution […]

March 2019 version pdf

2018 was a good year for savings. French have been cautious by maintaining a strong savings effort, that benefited risk free investments . […]

February 2019 version pdf

French retirement: Instruction for redemptions […]

January 2019 version web

The seamen’s regime, an ancestor with many specificities […]

December 2018 version web

Social protection expenditure: 33.8% of GDP […]

November 2018 version web

The fiftieth anniversary of the Home Savings Plan (PEL) […]

October 2018 version pdf

Pension Reform 2019: The Retirement Challenge for Functionaries […]

September 2018 version pdf

PACTE bill, is the retirement savings revolution at the rendez-vous? 

August 2018 version pdf

From PACTE to pension reform: fears, needs and expectations of the French in terms of savings […]

July 2018 pdf

Retirement : 2.7 million people exercised at the end of 2015, a self-employed activity in a non-agricultural sector, as individual entrepreneurs

June 2018 pdf

Savings, retirement, young workers and retired […]

May 2018 pdf

Pension savings: private employees and public employees, is it the same fight ?

April 2018 pdf

The 2018 survey of the Cercle de l’Epargne on retirement : the French and  retirement, between passion and stress […]


March 2018 pdf

Social protection parity groups:  What future ? […]

January 2018 pdf

Demographic study […]

December 2017 pdf

Retirement: The long march towards universality[…]